Friday, 16 October 2009

Things I've done that you might not have

1. Faked 52 orgasms on stage.

2. Run three miles immediately after eating three steaks and half a cake.

3. Gone on a date with a man who only talked about his favourite meats.

4. Gone on a date with a man who said he 'couldn't wait to watch me sleeping'. And not in a cute way.

5. Gone on a date with a man who had an alarm on his watch that went off 5 minutes before Neighbours was on.

6. Made S leave the cinema in the middle of 'War of the Worlds' as I was convinced the man sitting next to us was a suicide bomber.

7. Chased Anneka Rice through a field only to find out she was actually just a stable girl who bore an uncanny resemblance to Anneka Rice.

8. Asked for a school and a fish at a French railway station.

9. Gone out in the snow wearing a mini skirt, crop top and open toe sandals.

10. Dressed all in black and gone out in the middle of the night to draw pink icing smiley faces on windows.

11. Stood through the sunroof of a limo while driving through San Fransisco.

12. Successfully navigated down a mountain side on skis in a blizzard.

13. Successfully translated between a German family and a French cashier at a Paris metro ticket booth.

14. Received a love note from a grown man who sat behind S and me at the cinema and tried to get S to switch seats with him, before passing me said note. (He apparently sees S as no serious threat. Funny.)

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