Friday, 27 February 2009

A ponder

Does anyone else ever say funny things outloud when no-one else is around and then get cross that nobody heard their hilarity? Just me?

Honestly I am a Comedi-hen - that's right, a funny bird.

Thursday, 26 February 2009


I try to run/briskly walk three times a week and it amazes me how it can take over 2 hours of my day to run for 30 minutes.

Firstly I decide it's a good time to go running and then I sit there and think about it for half an hour and try to get myself motivated enough to change clothes. I think about how far I will go and typically decide I will just go on a short run to make it more likely that I will even make it out of the house. Then I change into running clothes, that can take a good ten minutes as I invariably decide the black joggers are more flattering that the pink ones yet I still insist on putting them on first, then I stretch for a while to prevent... well something (they always tell you to stretch first don't they?), I then further tell myself how this is really a good idea even though I'm not excited about it, and enjoy the warmth of my flat a moment longer (10 minutes in actual time).

Then there is the actual running part. Typically 30 minutes or less. Then I come back and stretch even more, again, preventing something and just cooling down. (20 minutes)
After that I usually think about doing some sit-ups while laying on the floor for at least 20 minutes, typically longer though. Then I actually do the sit-ups which takes another couple of minutes.
I then have to shower and get ready sorted again because I'm hot from running (and being in a centrally heated flat) of course and that puts me at well over 2 hours.

It seems a little ridiculous, I know, but what part am I suppose to cut out? I think the actual running time. Because I've already tried cutting out all the sitting around thinking and not accomplishing anything part and that just doesn't work.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Political career

On Valentine's day I had a random missed call from a landline on my mobile. How exciting, I thought, a mystery admirer desperately trying to call me on the day of love. Being hungover and wanting to watch the repeat of American Idol while eating cheesey, beany toast, I didn't call them back and just forgot about it. Until today when I decided to google the number (yes, it's going to be that kind of day) and found it was the Scottish Labour Party in Dumfries. Obviously.

Now whether they wanted to declare their unrequited love for me or propose a glittering career in Dumfriesshire I do not know, a lesson for everyone, I believe, to answer their phones.

Monday, 23 February 2009

La la la

Another day, another second to ponder the world from the confinements of my desk. Having decided that the thirty thousand tasks I have to do today are all very dull, I have decided to create a blog... Now this is very exciting for several reasons:
1) I no longer have to be a weird stalker on other people's blogs, they can stalk me instead which is always much more fun.
2) I finally have an outlet for my constantly full head - you're excited aren't you?
3) It just is.

After spending twenty minutes weighing up various web addresses and titles, here we are. Can you feel the fun?

Basically the main idea of this I suppose is just to share my ideas and musings. I often find myself full of thoughts that I just NEED to spread but, since the plate throwing incident of 2008, have been banned from doing by my loving partner (I was so right by the way).

So there we have it.

Oh and the name? Well, my name is Livy, I like pink and I like pants. Simple.