Thursday, 26 February 2009


I try to run/briskly walk three times a week and it amazes me how it can take over 2 hours of my day to run for 30 minutes.

Firstly I decide it's a good time to go running and then I sit there and think about it for half an hour and try to get myself motivated enough to change clothes. I think about how far I will go and typically decide I will just go on a short run to make it more likely that I will even make it out of the house. Then I change into running clothes, that can take a good ten minutes as I invariably decide the black joggers are more flattering that the pink ones yet I still insist on putting them on first, then I stretch for a while to prevent... well something (they always tell you to stretch first don't they?), I then further tell myself how this is really a good idea even though I'm not excited about it, and enjoy the warmth of my flat a moment longer (10 minutes in actual time).

Then there is the actual running part. Typically 30 minutes or less. Then I come back and stretch even more, again, preventing something and just cooling down. (20 minutes)
After that I usually think about doing some sit-ups while laying on the floor for at least 20 minutes, typically longer though. Then I actually do the sit-ups which takes another couple of minutes.
I then have to shower and get ready sorted again because I'm hot from running (and being in a centrally heated flat) of course and that puts me at well over 2 hours.

It seems a little ridiculous, I know, but what part am I suppose to cut out? I think the actual running time. Because I've already tried cutting out all the sitting around thinking and not accomplishing anything part and that just doesn't work.

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