Saturday, 30 October 2010

Seems there is a limit to our love

Last night I asked Steve if he thought we'd ever get divorced (I know, a bizarre thing to ask only four months before our wedding but, hey, unromantic as it is, these are the weird things I think of).

He pondered his response,

"No angel, I don't think we ever will."

A big smile came across my face as I imagined Steve and I as little old people getting afternoon tea (why I don't know as we don't do that now, plus, according to the Science Museum, I won't be the cutest of old ladies).

He continued,

"I mean, I might consider divorce if you went really weird or obese"

I stopped, open mouthed,

"You would divorce me if I got fat?"

"Now wait, I was careful not to say that, I said OBESE. Like, I'd divorce you if we had to remove a wall of the house just to get you out."

I am silent.

Seeing my crossness, Steve continues,

"Don't look at me like that, I've seen you demolish a whole mozzarella steak straight from the packet."

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

And it was gooooooooood....

I went to the fair. And I MADE my little brothers go on the waterslide. It was AWESOME! Worryingly the water was fluorescent blue. Like massively, hot-August-day-sky blue. We then trudged, soggy through the rest of the fair, enjoyed the horses - you HAVE to go on the horses at the fair - mine was called Lavelle Dior, which I felt was a totally appropriate Fair Horse name, went on the Bumper Cars, twice and braved a ride called the Super Bob, which, half way round blew 'snow' in your face (read foam).

All of this was fueled by the chips we had on the way in (YAHUMMY!). Now, when at Hull Fair, there is an unwritten rule. You always get your chips from Bob Carvers. Always. This is a very bizarre rule but one that everyone adheres to - indeed, so much so that the queue for Bob Carver's stall is legendary, snaking all round the stall and the ones nearby (I sneaked it this year, turns out just loitering by the counter will get you served a lot quicker).

The Bob Carver choice is bizarre mainly because Bob Carver's does not travel with the fair. It is a business in the city centre that simply set up a stall in the fair each year. The people of Hull can get Bob Carver's chips all year round, any day of the week, from one of the two shops in town. Do they? No. It is Fair specific.

After we had enjoyed the rides, we made our way back down the street, buying candy floss and cinder toffee, brandy snap and toffee apples, on the way. And, of course, finished it off with a big, hot roast pork butty with stuffing and apple sauce.

The fair rocked this year.

ps. my super fun (you betcha) language post went up for all of 10 minutes on Monday before handily deleting itself! I will be attempting to rewrite it today/tomorrow and will get it up asap! Pinky promise! xx

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Where have the smarts gone?

I used to have them. Really, I did.

I used to be able to tell you about language endangerment and specific studies into the development of child speech. I used to be able to talk, for almost 10 minutes, about click languages and lexical functional grammar. I used to be able to read and write in phonetics, I could even make some of the more bizarre sounds.

Now, I can't.

I have, however decided, that the knowledge must still reside in my brain somewhere, it doesn't just disappear, so, with a little bit of study, I am sure I can get it back.

So, that is my aim. And, I hope you don't mind, but I am roping you lot in.

Every week, I will be doing a post on something fun* that I have learnt from my Linguistic studies.

Look out for post number 1 - next Monday!


* Disclaimer..... I think it is fun! If you are anything like Steve, you will think that linguistic facts are dull with a capital D.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ah.... me love

I love autumn. Tis my favourite season.

As soon as August fades, I get a lovely tingly feeling in my toes, knowing that the best is just round the corner.

For me, Autumn means pure excitement. It means new gloves, windy weather, crunchy leaves and conkers. It means the Fair (YEYYYYY!), Halloween and Bonfire Night. It means that it is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Christmas (double YEYYYYYYY!).

On that note, I need some advice:
  • To watershoot at the Fair or not? Every year, when at the Fair, my two little brothers and me (and a reluctant Steve) go on the Log flume. I LOVE it. However this year, I have been informed by said brothers that this year they are not so much up for it (I think the oldest's (aged 12) exact words were, 'Ummm.... no Liv, I mean, how dry?'. Which just makes no sense. The log flume is anything but dry). So, the dilemma now is whether to be Mean Big Sister and force them (so I can get my annual picture of us all just as we go down the biggest shoot) or be Lovely Undry Big Sister and realise that, perhaps, going on a water shoot with your 26 year old sister is not so cool anymore (although I'll bet the boys a few years older than them at school would disagree....).
  • Does Fair food count calorie wise? I mean, for pre-wedding diet, it must = V V V V V BAD. But surely, if I eat it when walking, it sort of cancels it out?
  • What shall I be for Halloween this year? In recent times I have pulled off the witch, the bat and the cat and not so much pulled off the spider (there were leg issues). Ideas for this year?

This is actually Hull Fair. I LOVE it.

Gracias amigas xx

Monday, 11 October 2010

All we need is Radio Gaga

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. Without fail. It is one of my favourite things actually, it comes in that dozy, early morning bit, when you are transitioning from sleep to wake, you know the bit where, if you checked your clock, it would be 10 minutes until your alarm.

It can be any song in the world.

This morning, for example, it was 'Dynamite' by Taio Cruz, yesterday it was 'Ooom pah pah' from Oliver.

The most disturbing part?

That once the song has finished, my voice appears in my head, acting as a DJ...

"And that was Taio Cruz's 'Dynamite'. Great song to get you going in the morning. Next up we have Pixie Lott's 'Mama Do'....."

Brain of Livy = crazy place to live.

Friday, 1 October 2010

And then I kicked him in the shin

Yesterday, I offered to tell Steve a secret, but only if he would tell me one in return. He said he had no secrets. I told him that my secret was my biggest unrequited crush from my teenage years - the one boy I liked for a long time who never showed any interest whatsoever - and said I'd tell him who it was if he'd tell me who HIS biggest unrequited teenage crush was.

His answer?

"Unrequited crush? Never had one."

So in punishment for his cockiness I am going to tell you all about when he was 19. He was out with some friends and saw a girl he liked, he then proceeded to get drunk. So drunk in fact that when he went to dance to said girl, he closed his eyes only briefly and then fell on top of her.

So there.

ps sorry about the lack of postage, it is due to honeymoon busy stuff, work busy stuff and basic laziness!

pps love you Steve.... x