Wednesday, 20 October 2010

And it was gooooooooood....

I went to the fair. And I MADE my little brothers go on the waterslide. It was AWESOME! Worryingly the water was fluorescent blue. Like massively, hot-August-day-sky blue. We then trudged, soggy through the rest of the fair, enjoyed the horses - you HAVE to go on the horses at the fair - mine was called Lavelle Dior, which I felt was a totally appropriate Fair Horse name, went on the Bumper Cars, twice and braved a ride called the Super Bob, which, half way round blew 'snow' in your face (read foam).

All of this was fueled by the chips we had on the way in (YAHUMMY!). Now, when at Hull Fair, there is an unwritten rule. You always get your chips from Bob Carvers. Always. This is a very bizarre rule but one that everyone adheres to - indeed, so much so that the queue for Bob Carver's stall is legendary, snaking all round the stall and the ones nearby (I sneaked it this year, turns out just loitering by the counter will get you served a lot quicker).

The Bob Carver choice is bizarre mainly because Bob Carver's does not travel with the fair. It is a business in the city centre that simply set up a stall in the fair each year. The people of Hull can get Bob Carver's chips all year round, any day of the week, from one of the two shops in town. Do they? No. It is Fair specific.

After we had enjoyed the rides, we made our way back down the street, buying candy floss and cinder toffee, brandy snap and toffee apples, on the way. And, of course, finished it off with a big, hot roast pork butty with stuffing and apple sauce.

The fair rocked this year.

ps. my super fun (you betcha) language post went up for all of 10 minutes on Monday before handily deleting itself! I will be attempting to rewrite it today/tomorrow and will get it up asap! Pinky promise! xx

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Peridot said...

mmmm, candy floss. You must have a stomach of steel to eat all that, go on the rides and not throw up!

PS Your horse - sounds like a Southern Belle. Or a Tranny. Or possibly both!