Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ah.... me love

I love autumn. Tis my favourite season.

As soon as August fades, I get a lovely tingly feeling in my toes, knowing that the best is just round the corner.

For me, Autumn means pure excitement. It means new gloves, windy weather, crunchy leaves and conkers. It means the Fair (YEYYYYY!), Halloween and Bonfire Night. It means that it is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Christmas (double YEYYYYYYY!).

On that note, I need some advice:
  • To watershoot at the Fair or not? Every year, when at the Fair, my two little brothers and me (and a reluctant Steve) go on the Log flume. I LOVE it. However this year, I have been informed by said brothers that this year they are not so much up for it (I think the oldest's (aged 12) exact words were, 'Ummm.... no Liv, I mean, how dry?'. Which just makes no sense. The log flume is anything but dry). So, the dilemma now is whether to be Mean Big Sister and force them (so I can get my annual picture of us all just as we go down the biggest shoot) or be Lovely Undry Big Sister and realise that, perhaps, going on a water shoot with your 26 year old sister is not so cool anymore (although I'll bet the boys a few years older than them at school would disagree....).
  • Does Fair food count calorie wise? I mean, for pre-wedding diet, it must = V V V V V BAD. But surely, if I eat it when walking, it sort of cancels it out?
  • What shall I be for Halloween this year? In recent times I have pulled off the witch, the bat and the cat and not so much pulled off the spider (there were leg issues). Ideas for this year?

This is actually Hull Fair. I LOVE it.

Gracias amigas xx


Christie said...

First of all, I now really really want to go to Hull Fair. That looks A-Ma-Zing!!!
Secondly, be mean! You're the oldest and therefore should exercise your right to tell them what to do!
Secondly any food consumed whilst walking (in any way shape or form and that includes a burger when you're stumbling home drunk) is immediately cancelled out. It's exercise no matter what anyone says!
Crunchy leaves are the BEST. I took my one year old neice for a walk the other day and she stopped at every leaf so she could test whether they were crunchy, girl after my own heart!

Livy said...

It is totally the best but in a dirty, scummy way if that makes sense. Total chaos but something you have to do every year.

So glad that I have confirmation of the walking/eating rules. Large burger and chips for me tomorrow night! x

Peridot said...

I think your little brothers have to bend to your will in this - until they're too arthritic to fit in a log flume. So you're good for a few years yet!

I am with you on Autumn - except... spiders! Ugh. I could actually hear the one thundering down the hall the other night because it was so damn big. And we live on the second floor. Bf has to heroically deal with them (ie kill them and force them down the plughole. We need a bigger plughole)