Saturday, 30 October 2010

Seems there is a limit to our love

Last night I asked Steve if he thought we'd ever get divorced (I know, a bizarre thing to ask only four months before our wedding but, hey, unromantic as it is, these are the weird things I think of).

He pondered his response,

"No angel, I don't think we ever will."

A big smile came across my face as I imagined Steve and I as little old people getting afternoon tea (why I don't know as we don't do that now, plus, according to the Science Museum, I won't be the cutest of old ladies).

He continued,

"I mean, I might consider divorce if you went really weird or obese"

I stopped, open mouthed,

"You would divorce me if I got fat?"

"Now wait, I was careful not to say that, I said OBESE. Like, I'd divorce you if we had to remove a wall of the house just to get you out."

I am silent.

Seeing my crossness, Steve continues,

"Don't look at me like that, I've seen you demolish a whole mozzarella steak straight from the packet."


Anonymous said...

The man makes a reasonable point, but I'm intrigued - what exactly constitutes "weird"? I'm trying to sneak in some ideas about co-sleeping and cloth nappies before I get pregnant - I'm concerned that Patrick could find my sudden new-age-mama thoughts weird enough for divorce!

Peridot said...

On the bright side, he doesn't think you're mad now...