Sunday, 7 November 2010

Henny Penny calling...

I need help ladies of Britain (and indeed the World). Hen weekend is in precisely 12 days and I have yet to find the perfect day outfit.

Let me explain....

On the Friday night, we are staying in so outfit = cute jammies, possibly some cute, Ugg-inspired slippers. DONE.

On the Saturday night, we are out on the town for a meal and wherever the night may take us = Mad Men inspired steel grey dress which I may or may not get shortened depending how slutty I feel in the next few days. DONE.

On the Saturday day, we are having a cocktail lesson and a professional photographer will be capturing the event (mental note, avoid all rum based cocktails, they make your face do that bizarre lopsided smile) = super cute, casual yet cool day outfit. NOT DONE.

Just for some background, I am not a stylish girl. I have moments of brilliance occasionally, but these are pure fluke, generally I am a tight fitting black (if you are lucky, grey) t-shirt/top/vest girl, with jeans. Evening wear comprises of the aforementioned or a dress. Now shoes and bags I do so it will come as no surprise to you that I got the super lovely ankle boots for the day portion of the hen do very easily (Moda in Pelle, £39.50, down from £70 thank you very much).

Today, after getting a hole in one pair of day jeans and tearing a pocket off the other (twas a bad week for Jeans of Livy), I decided to go jeans shopping. With a bad cold. And no voice. Yep, that's right, I was mute.

Turns out, it is a total skinny jean world out there and I am not a skinny jean girl. With relatively slim calves but mahosive thighs, they do not give the impression of 'you-are-getting-married?-what-a-lucky-man-he-must-be', more 'you-are-getting-married?-really?-you-resemble-a-weeble'.

After attacking Topshop, I hit Oasis. And Zara. And River Island. None of which I found The Jeans.

As a quick aside, try signing 'No, these weren't right and made my arse look like a small volcano' to the changing room shop assistant.

So, where do I go? Where do I find the perfect I'm-so-cute-and-sexy-and-casual-yet-smart-bride-to-be-jeans?

And what do I wear them with? So far, I only have the boots and, honestly girls, the pre-wedding diet has not been so successful that I could just get away with them for the day.

Or should I abandon the jeans and pair the boots with something else?


ps how fab does my hen do sound? Aren't my girls the best? I have had absolutely no involvement with it and I can't wait!!!

pps I am loving being called 'Henny'

pps if I was an actual hen, I would be a black one like the one at the top of the post. The Higgledy Piggledy nursery rhyme was always my favourite when I was little xx


Slice of Pie said...

I am having the same dilemma! Friday night - done, Saturday night will be done without too much trouble but saturday day nada! I feel an evening at the hell hole that is the Trafford Centre beckons! have about 14 pairs of jeans but still the perfect pair do not reside in my wardrobe! I have the perfect fit but they are too blue to go with black, I have the perfect colour but they are too casual I have the perfect style but they are too big and so it goes on!

I might go for tights!

Oh and Primark jeans are pretty good!

Lottie said...

I had a similar problem with my day Hen do outfit with the added issue that we had a pole dancing lesson and had to make sure the outfit looked ok with shorts.

I decided on a skirt and tight option in the end which could work for you as then you could show off your lovely new boots.


PS H&M jeans are good, good range of sizes and shapes

Peridot said...

Allegedly the Not Your Daughters Jeans are amazing and make you look a size smaller (and pert of arse to boot). They sell them in John Lewis and they are not cheap. I rather like John Rocha in Debenhams and Gap are always good - but you have to take an armful of jeans which all purport to be the same size into the fitting room, their sizing is shockingly random.

Jeans shopping = hell on earth. Good luck Henny

Becca said...

After rolling around laughing at the weeble comment (did you see their new Eurodance advert? Very weird) I am afraid to say that I cannot help. My current favourite jean-source is Tesco.

Lottie, you must be a beautifully slender young thing, because I've always found H&M to be the devil if you're bigger than a 12!

Livy said...

See I am loving the H&M, Primark and Tesco suggestions - jeanlicious and cost effective. I think what threw me the most was that Topshop has always been my Jean Go To Shop. And when none of them worked, it was very alarming!

Tonight I am raiding my wardrobe in the hope of discovering a pair I had forgotton that fit perfectly, are the right colour and match the boots (this is highly unlikely). And if not then I am hitting the high street..... xxx

S said...

Did you try the H&M "star" fit style? At least that's what they are called in Germany. I really love that shape.

Or what about a little black dress with black tights and a cardigan (may with a small belt wrapped around it) thrown over it to make it look more casual?