Monday, 29 November 2010


I am in love.

Every year I get giddy when the skies open and the snow falls, I mean, is there anything more luxurious and child-like and brilliant? Yes, it disrupts things and yes it is cold but isn't is glorious?

Here is not-so-sunny Hull, we have lashings of snow. Tis everywhere. And I have loved stomping about in it this weekend in my Doc Martins which I have owned since the age of 14.

Steve? Well not so much.

He was stagging it up in Newcastle this weekend so, of course, phone of Livy was mainly dealing with Hungover Steve (not the funnest type of Steve incidently), moaning on the phone all day yesterday about being stuck on a train.

I had little sympathy, I mean, I was cosied up in our flat, making a list of all the Christmas cards I needed to send, with the heating on AND the window open, watching palm sized snowflakes float to the river below. I also watched The Family Stone, one of my favourite Christmas films ever.

All good in Land of Livy.

ps. Sorry for lack of postage, in my absence I had my hen do! Eeeek - report to come soon! But the main reason for my desertiness (that is so a word) is that, I just haven't felt like writing. I don't know why but I hope I am clearly over that now.

pps. 3 weeks, 5 days till Christmas!! x


Peridot said...

I love the snow too! We did a 2 1/2 hour walk in it on Saturday and though there were the little stinging flakes, there was a while when there were these huge soft flakes drifting down - magical!

Victoria said...

Heating on - window open, I agree!

Want it warm and snuggly, but also don't want dry skin and hair.

Boys don't understand!