Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Baby scan*

For a very special project I am currently working on, I am scanning literally every photo I have. Every single one.

Now, being the precious, amazing first born that I am, that is a lot of photos of Baby Livy (FYI - newborn Livy through to one year old Livy = not so cute (see Exhibit A) but year old Livy through to five year old Livy = very, very cute (see Exhibit B)).

Exhibit A (but I luuurve the duck ball thing)

Exhibit B

So, last night I am scanning away and, as I am sure any of you would, I am overcome with awe at the adorableness that is Baby Moi. Therefore, while Steve is watching his incredibly dull Man-In-Socks programme (you know the sort, they send a boring man to somewhere, where he usually digs a bit or investigates something old or sciencey and then talks, a lot, about it**), I was stopping every two seconds to show him a new picture of me doing something.

He was bizarrely annoyed by this, I have no idea why.

Anyway, we got to one particular photo:

Me: Look at how cute I am on the ride.

Steve does not look

Me: (Waving the photo about a bit) Look at my cute hair!

Steve does not move his eyes from the TV

Me: (Brandishing the photo in a desperate way) Look at my little blue coat!

Steve finally takes the photo. He studies it.

Steve: Very cute. You look very serious though.

I snatch the photo back.

Me: I'm riding a motorbike - it is not time for fun and games Steve!

* Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I know what you all thought!

** The thing that annoys me the absolute most about those programmes is that they are all speculation! Nothing is actual. It is all... 'We can presume that such-and-such came from such-and-such because we found a pot in the correct 50 mile radius.' Tis all made up I tell you! x


Slice of Pie said...

You haven't changed a bit since exhibit B! x

Slice of Pie said...

ps. I did have the "I am sure she was drinking at the hen do" thought go through my head when this email about this post appeared!

Becca said...

So cute!! I've been thinking of doing the same thing, not least because my Mum's idea of decorating in those days was hilarious! Patrick has the same reaction to photos of me. I think he's jealous because he looks like Uncle Fester in his baby pics.

Livy said...

They all are Becca. Do the scanning photos thing for sure though - it has been great (although a tad tedious) and it is brilliant to think that I have them all now for photobooks and digital frames x

Peridot said...

Speaking up for archaeologists, we are not all nerdy sock wearers! Okay, I am not a proper archaeologist but it's what I read at uni and I still lurve it. Didn't love the actual digging I have to confess - but the speculating and swanning about? That was right up my via (see what I did there?! Latin for road? Oh, keep up!).

Aside from that, you are super-cute. And yes, I did think *....