Friday, 1 October 2010

And then I kicked him in the shin

Yesterday, I offered to tell Steve a secret, but only if he would tell me one in return. He said he had no secrets. I told him that my secret was my biggest unrequited crush from my teenage years - the one boy I liked for a long time who never showed any interest whatsoever - and said I'd tell him who it was if he'd tell me who HIS biggest unrequited teenage crush was.

His answer?

"Unrequited crush? Never had one."

So in punishment for his cockiness I am going to tell you all about when he was 19. He was out with some friends and saw a girl he liked, he then proceeded to get drunk. So drunk in fact that when he went to dance to said girl, he closed his eyes only briefly and then fell on top of her.

So there.

ps sorry about the lack of postage, it is due to honeymoon busy stuff, work busy stuff and basic laziness!

pps love you Steve.... x


Becca said...

Ok, now I'm intrigued. Who is he? Is he still around? Is there any risk of some kind of Aidan/Big rolling around in the mud situation?

Livy said...

You know what? I wish! No, he was just the fittest boy ever from my teenage years.... and, yes guess what girls, he is still available (email me, he is reall cute! No he's not Steve, I'm just saying that.... Except I'm not.)

But Becca, that would be awesome, I always feel Carrie never made quite enough of that xxx

Peridot said...

Hmm, Steve's approach lacked in subtlety what it made up for in enthusiasm. Surely it's a reinvention of the caveman's bash-over-head-and-drag-to-cave approach? What was the girl's reaction by the way? Apart from concussion...!