Friday, 17 September 2010

The long and the short of it

Steve is 6'4".

I think that, by anyone's standards, that is tall. Except, perhaps, in Steve's family. For he is the shortest, oh yes, a relevant titch. You see his brother is 6'6" and his Dad is 6'8".

Tis like being with a family of giants.

Having been out with many men in the past.... wait, not many men, proportional to my age I am sure that it is pretty average.... except I have been with Steve for five and a half years now so therefore the number that I had at 20 is only minus one from the number now.... sod it. Fine there were many men. Anyway, I got lost there. So, yes, out of all the men I dated in the past, Steve is the tallest. The others have varied from the tall, to the average, to the small (bless Gabriel, despite what Steve may say, he was not an actual midget, merely 5'2").

I would like to say that all of this multiheighted dating was done as research, all in anticipation of this post but that would be a lie. No, I was just unfussy in my youth (unheightest if you will). Anyway, here are my findings:

Pro tall:
  • I can always wear heels, no matter the height
  • It is muchos handy round the house, in fact my Nana actually books Steve in to change lightbulbs
  • I always feel teeny which, when you have ginormous boobies and a curvy bum, is totally a plus
  • Tall men are totally cute with teeny tiny children
Of course, with every up there must be a down...

Anti tall:
  • I constantly have to change the shower position, which when you are naked and cold and stood in the bath, is not good.
  • People cross over from you when you walk down the street with said tall man, granted, Steve had shaved his head but the glaring like you must kill puppies isn't the best
  • Tall men were never teeny tiny babies. Both Steve and his brother were nearing the stone mark when born. Steve was too big for the cot in the hospital. The risk of giant babies looms constantly over me, I have nightmares of a grown man exploding out of my stomach complete with brief case, cigar and bowler hat. Adoption may be the way forward.
It seems that tall is the way to go boy wise - any wise thoughts from you lot? x


anna and the ring said...

Your pros and cons have tickled me!

My boy is only 6'2" but as a girl who comes from a family of shorties I do love the height.

I'm 5'2" with a 4'11" mother and 5'8" dad and brother so have always wanted

I was only 5lbs and 6oz but my intended was over 9! And that is what caesareans are for!

He is also wonderful is a supermarket!

Yeah he can't wear his hair very short either for he looks like a neo-nazi.

Becca said...

Another one here with a clear foot between us!

100% agree with all the pros - plus my hubby looks so cute with our new puppy.

On the cons... I'm in trouble. Whenever my Granny gets tipsy, she starts talking about my Dad's head circumference. With the hereditary nature of that and the gargantuanness of my man, I'm more than a little concerned.

Also - his Mum gets cross when he has his hair cut too short, because she says he looks like a Nazi!