Friday, 10 September 2010

The hotness of me

Today I got persuaded into going to a Sixth Form Induction Day for work. I arrived and sneaked to the back where I went over my notes of what I had to say to the group of oh-so-cool 16 year olds when my turn came.

While doing this, the induction staff were running the always fun bonding activities, one of which was to go round the room and ask each learner to say one good thing about joining the sixth form and being on the induction.

There were the usual, unenthusiastic answers; no uniform, calling staff by their last name, more freedom etc....

Then they turned to one boy (who looked like a young, hot Robbie Williams - can I say that or is that very wrong? Sod it. He's 16 isn't he? He was quite cute, there I said it.) and asked him,

"What's the best thing about being here today?"

He paused.


"The mega hot woman stood behind me."

And he turned and pointed.

At me.

Oh yes people, I've still got it.

ps who knew 'mega' was back in?


Mahj said...

Rock on Livy! You are so in the zone! xx

Katie said...

Now fabulous! x x ps. one week til I get a look at my wedding ring, Livy - will e-mail you when I've seen it!

Slice of Pie said...

Mega indeed!