Friday, 3 September 2010

Return of the blonde

Oh yes.

I suddenly realised tonight that our home insurance had run out. And, given that those adverts are on constantly, I decided to go on a certain comparison website to see what the best deal was.

I know, how grown up of me.

Anyway, it turns out that there are lots of very complicated questions when selecting home insurance, how much is in my flat? Do I count the 108 pairs of shoes? When you say over 400m away from water, does my flat count, given that it overlooks a river but is two stories up?

We managed to tackle most of these and then came to the following:

When do you want your policy to start?

That's easy, I think, today!

No, counters Steve, tomorrow.

"But what if our flat catches fire tonight? I have a history with fires you know Steve."

Steve looks exasperated, "I'll stay awake till midnight."

"Yes, but then you'll go to sleep! What if the fire starts then?"

"It'll be after midnight, so it'll be tomorrow and the policy will have started angel"

I pause. I think.

Steve continues, "Why... when did you think it would start?"

I pause again, knowing my answer is going to sound very silly.

In a small voice, "When I woke up."

Steve laughs outloud, so hard he can hardly breathe,

"You thought that the insurance company would start out new policy on the stated day, starting from when you woke up?"

Even smaller voice.

"Yes, I mean, that is when my tomorrow starts."

He has just about stopped laughing.


Gaynor said...

He he so funny!

Stephanie said...

hiehiehie - this is so funny!