Monday, 23 February 2009

La la la

Another day, another second to ponder the world from the confinements of my desk. Having decided that the thirty thousand tasks I have to do today are all very dull, I have decided to create a blog... Now this is very exciting for several reasons:
1) I no longer have to be a weird stalker on other people's blogs, they can stalk me instead which is always much more fun.
2) I finally have an outlet for my constantly full head - you're excited aren't you?
3) It just is.

After spending twenty minutes weighing up various web addresses and titles, here we are. Can you feel the fun?

Basically the main idea of this I suppose is just to share my ideas and musings. I often find myself full of thoughts that I just NEED to spread but, since the plate throwing incident of 2008, have been banned from doing by my loving partner (I was so right by the way).

So there we have it.

Oh and the name? Well, my name is Livy, I like pink and I like pants. Simple.

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