Friday, 10 December 2010

OK.... lets clear something up

Before I start - this is certainly not aimed at you, you lot always get my name right. However....

my name is spelt LIVY.

That is L - I - V - Y

It is not Livvy, Livi, Livvi, Livie, Lyvvy, Lyvi, Leevy or Levi. It is also not Libby, Lizzie or Lyddy.

It is short for Olivia.

That is O - L - I - V - I - A

It is not Oliver, Olivier or, my personal favourite, Alyvia.

Now we are hitting card season, please try and get it right, it is my name!

Just to be clear - I have no issue with you getting it wrong first time, 'Livy' is an unusual name and unless you have been told then it is all guess work.


when I have already sent you a card, with my name clearly at the bottom or if I have spelt it out to you in the past or if you have known me for 26 years and are related to me (oh yes....) then please, I beg you, respect the fact that it is my name and spelt a certain way and that, by not getting it right, you are basically just showing that you really couldn't give a monkeys.

Thank you.

Livy xxxxx

ps I met another Livy last week but her name was short for..... Sullivan! x


Becca said...

I would also like to add...

Various Grandparents,

My name is Becca, while my sister is Ellie. We are not Becky and Ella; we have never been, nor shall we ever be. Thanks.

Victoria said...

I'm Victoria, and if used in the diminutive then I'm Viki. V.I.K.I.

Please don't presume to shorten it until you have checked that I don't mind (yes i'm talking to you, Senior Partner of my department and Mr CFO Man - I address you correctly and don't shorten your name, so don't do it to me!!!) and if you really must do so then at least spell it correctly!!!


Peridot said...

Yep, I cannot BEAR it if someone shortens my name - and they certainly don't do it twice or I rip their head off. Which sort of solves the problem I guess. And certainly makes ME feel better.

Lizzie said...

I might just LOVE you!!! My name IS Lizzie...not Lizzy, Lizy...or god forbid Liz!!! (I think it makes me sound like an older Auntie!) (No offence to anyone out there called Liz, but I have forever been a Lizzie!)