Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I know, me right?
It has been a tad crazy at Casa de Livy for many reasons; some boring such as work (sooooooooooooo thought I would have won the lottery by now) and some exciting like house shopping (still not there yet), car shopping (ditto) and drunken breaks away with friends (never have so many Porn Star Martinis been consumed).

But I am back and, with my lovely autumn all done, I am all about the Christmas! Oh yes. I have had my first apfelwine and made my first ever Christmas cake (thank you Delia) and I am good to go!

As well documented, I am a big fan of Christmas. And my new thing this year? Snowball Dough Balls. Yep, Pizza Express have launched a dessert featuring their scrummy dough balls sprinkled with cinnamon (it also comes with some kind of sauce but I didn’t really pay attention to this, I was too busy trying not to be recognised by the waiter who had served me the night before in the very same restaurant).

Even better, the name is super fun to say!

ps anyone else obsessed with cinnamon? I LURVE it. So far I am putting it on toast and buying copious amounts of cinnamon swirls but I could do with some cinnamon inspiration please!


Peridot said...

AND cinnamon apparently speeds up your metabolism - result! I put it in porridge too and on yoghurt (depends on the flavour of course). Have you had Welsh cakes? Delicious and cinnamony - and you have them with butter which I sprinkle with extra cinnamon. Presumably my metabolism is then so nippy the Welsh cakes don't actually register. Hmmmm.

PS WHAT is a porn star martini?

Livy said...

It is the best cocktail ever! It is all passion fruity and better still, comes with a shot of champagne on the side!

I will dig out the recipe and post it later.

And good for your metabolism? Get in!