Friday, 27 January 2012

Happy New Year!

What? Don't you usually wait until the 27th January to say that?



Apologies for the absenteeism. Twas vair bad of me. I have had complaints and my knuckles severely wrapped (rapped?).

A belated New Year toast from me and my favourite girls, aren't they scrummy?

So, what's new in the Livysphere?

Well, right now, lots of plans. Lots and lots of plans. There are big changes a foot.

Starting with the news that we are in the middle of getting a new kitchen installed in our flat by Mr Mumble and Timmy Mallet (well... Martin and Dave but the descriptions are apt). I will post tomorrow with some pictures of the process, it involves a lot of dust. I know, how good am I to you? Pictures of a blog person's kitchen in various stages of dress and undress! Also coming up will be a full wedding report (to mark our first anniversary, obviously), a profile on my favourite photographers and designer and the story of The Legendary Night When Steve and Livy Believed They Could Speak French.

In other news I was in a smaller slightly backwards local town nearby (think inbreeding) yesterday and, due to said kitchen adaption, I needed to buy something for breakfast. I popped into the Tesco there and, bypassing the gigantic sign announcing a new product named 'Quorn' (yep, new to the town....), looked for some cereal bars.

I searched; I looked in the cereal aisle, the biscuit aisle and even the crisps aisle before giving up and asking someone. Now, being the numpty I am, I asked for them by brand name, much as you would, I'd imagine, if you were looking for Weetabix; I politely enquired if the nice man could tell me where the Frusli were.

He momentarily looked confused before confidently leading me on a 3 minute fast paced walk to another aisle. He strode down to the middle section of it, with me stumbling over my feet behind to keep up.

He stopped. He pointed.

"There you are love. But here we just call it Twisty Pasta.'


Peridot said...

Classic! Did you laugh?

Looking forward to the wedding report with keen interest....


Slice of Pie said...

Oh so glad to have you back (not that you ever went anywhere with our daily emails!) This is brilliant!