Tuesday, 22 May 2012

For I am a rare breed

Things have been busy here.

Steve has been working super hard, not only at his actual job but on his degree, it has been a huge undertaking but one, I am glad to say, he is excelling at.

We have had some lovely family birthdays to celebrate.

Preparations are being made for my lovely in laws wedding which is two weeks today.

The house has been completely ignored due all the business.

And me, well I have been mainly getting fatter, failing at hypnobirthing classes (it seems I am not great at relaxing..), laughing at the wriggles in my tummy and thinking about my own birthday.

Yes, you remember I love birthdays don't you? All birthdays but my own is, of course, super special. Why it has not been made a public holiday yet is beyond me. I love everything about birthdays, the celebrations, the cards, the love and, I am not ashamed, the presents! I am a very lucky girl - my friends and family are always too nice and buy me things when they really don't need to but this year I am a tad worried.

The problem is, I suppose, I am fairly unusual as a female. You see, I am finally going to admit it....

I hate baths.

Yep, really. The water gets too cold, too quickly, I get bored very, very easily and, after about 8 minutes I start to feel like I am just lying there, stewing in my own dirt. I mean ew. Why do that and waste an hour of my life running the thing, getting in, getting bored, getting cold when I could jump in the shower and achieve the same result in a quarter of the time?

Yes, my hatred of baths is nearly legendary among my family but it does cause a problem around present giving times. You see, the bath hating is slightly extended to general pampering. Don't get me wrong, I like to paint my nails.... no wait, I like it when my nails are painted, but treatments leave me cold. I don't get it. And don't even mention spa days or massages. I am very funny about being massaged and really feel quite ill with it. I am a rubbish girl aren't I?

Which brings me back to the birthday issue... being up the hilary, the usual staple gifts of alcohol and clothes are out - am I doomed to be overwhelmed by a million bath sets?!


Anonymous said...

i HATE baths too - i thought i was the only girl on the planet to hate baths and i also hate being touched so agree treatments are no fun .... that was until my mother in law bought me reflexology just before i had my baby 9 weeks ago and it was amazing totally relaxing and i went into labour 24hrs later (i was 40 weeks to the day when my little man was born)

enjoy your last few months as a two, motherhood is fab, bloody hard work but great.

Happy birthday for whenever it is, how about magazine subscriptions or books you spend a long time sitting around feeding.

xx k

Tracie said...

I love baths! Except once I'd laboured in a birthing pool for 9 hours with my son I made a vow to never get in a bath again.... I came to my senses and changed my mind soon enough though :-)

Recycle the bath sets, give them away as presents, (send them to me), donate them to local charities or Women's Aid refuges. Lots of possibilities.

Btw, my birthday should also be a national holiday, is Halloween so I suppose it sorta is a holiday. Woo!