Saturday, 23 June 2012

Tilly Tuppance

So this weekend we have a house guest.

Yep, the lovely Tilly has come to stay.

She has been here for two days now and has eaten approximately 11 spiders. Why I am not sure. I mean, they are hardly nutritious or delicious.

Steve, of course, is an absolute softy with her. He keeps trying to teach her tricks, allows her to sleep on his chest and text me throughout yesterday stressing about she was managing at home by herself. I wasn't worried. I mean, there were spiders galore.

Speaking of Steve, I will be doing a big piece next week (possibly two or three) on him and his quirks in celebration of his 30th birthday.

In the mean time, I wish you lots of love and churros. Because, well, they are yummy.

1 comment:

Peridot said...

Are you running a spider sanctuary?! Ugh! hurrah for Tilly dogfully reducing the population - one arachnid at a time