Tuesday, 30 July 2013

High horse

Rex has a lot of books. As well as being pretty much addicted to buying them, we also ask for them for every gift for him and are members of the library. This week Rex selected a book about the bath. Steve was reading it to him...

Steve: Duck on a rope.... soap! This book is truly awful! Roo, you have got some great books from the library before, I particularly liked Wonkey Donkey, but this one is shocking! I mean look at this: bumpy seahorse! That's a lie! Seahorses aren't bumpy! The author should ask David Attenborough! And Sir Attenborough would tell him - seahorses are not bumpy.

There is a brief moment of quiet.

Steve: You know, even if seahorses were, in fact, bumpy, which they ARE NOT, then what a stupid thing to tell a baby, how would he even know? It is not like he sees a lot of seahorses is it? Not like dogs and cats which he knows, for he has witnessed, cats being soft and dogs being waggy... Stupid book. Duck on a rope.... I mean....

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