Friday, 31 January 2014

Got it

About a week ago someone I knew asked me if the house that we live in now could be our 'forever house'.

After I stopped gagging at the ickiness of the term, I answered no. But, aside from the fact it is only rented, I couldn't really give a reason why. Yes it has a bizarre layout but there is lots of space; yes it is only three bedrooms but how many rooms do we really need; yes it backs onto a wood but hello, it backs onto a wood! How cool is that?!

As I generally spend every moment of my existence pondering crap, I spent many an hour contemplating this question: what was the actual reason I did not want to live in this house forever.

And this morning I finally put my finger on it.

You cannot prance around the front room pretending to be a pop star unless you are happy with every neighbour and passer by seeing.

It seems the bin men found my super cool rap goddess moves and mouthing to Iggy Azalea just hilarious.

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