Thursday, 18 June 2009

Beauty and the BEAST

Last night I was kind of sad and depressed, after seeing some very hot pictures of my very hot friends on facebook, and feeling woefully un-hot by comparison.

S and I curled up on the bed to have a chat, wherein I whined until he told me I was BYOO-TE-FUL. Several times. God love him.

Our conversation evolved, as conversations are prone to do, until it reached a discussion on the waxing of body hair. S claims it CANNOT hurt that much - rest assured, I've tried to communicate the painfulness to him.

Anyway, we talked about the merits of waxing and which areas are the most painful to wax. Because I know several trainee beauticians over the years and am apparently some what of a masochist, I have been the model for many beautification projects. I loved the facials and the pedicures, but of course there is a down to every up. I also sat through the waxing of nearly all my bodily regions, and so am well versed on the topic of sticky hair-removal.

As I told S, the most painful area to have waxed, HANDS DOWN, is your underarm. I know. The waxed cloth strips came away bloody, and the skin was hideously bruised for days ... but the complete absence of armpit stubble for a month? NICE. (The fact that it took a month for the hairs to reappear should clue you in to how deeply-rooted they are, and therefore how painful the waxing was.)

S was duly impressed by my recounting of the experience.

And so, here is the natural conclusion that was drawn at the end of the night. I might not be the most byoo-te-ful, but hell, I am the most hardcore.

Feeling much better.

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