Monday, 20 July 2009

I'm back!

Hello everyone! I am still alive and here! Hoorah!

If you remember correctly the last you heard from me was that I was about to go on holiday to the Dominican Republic. Well I did (with Mr S) and had a FAB time - it was truly awesome. Obviously I had no computer access over there so was unable to update the blog so I did the next best thing and wrote things down using a pen and notebook (remember those?), I will therefore, over the coming days/weeks, do a series of holiday posts. Bet you can't wait!

I meant to do this two weeks ago when we got back but unfortunately something much more exciting happened - I GOT SWINE FLU!

I know, my peeps, I nearly turned into a piglet. Crazy huh? Basically on the last day of the holiday I got a cold (interesting side point, trying to ask for Vics Vapour Rub in Spanish is HARD, doing actions to aid your speech will only prompt the pharmacist to give you Viagra and condoms), anyway, the cold got progressively worse and decided to invite his friends, Mr Sickness and Ms Tummy Bug along just for kicks.

After that things got ridiculous. I called the doctor like I was told to, who immediately declared I had swine flu, sent me a sick note for 'however long I wanted' and informed me that I was now quarantined in my flat, did I have a flu buddy? Hmmm... well, I have S...

So, fast forward two weeks of not leaving my flat, during which time I read everything we owned including cereal boxes and shampoo bottles and watched approximately 5million hours of day time TV (turns out, it does indeed get old), I am finally allowed out again! Honestly, this morning I appeared from my building in a similar fashion to those people you see in films who have been trapped underground for years, all wide eyed and blinking. So far I have only seen the inside of my office and the journey to work but at lunch I am going to go.... TO A SHOP!

Wish me luck.

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