Friday, 31 July 2009

The final holiday post

Aren't I good? I said tomorrow and I stuck to it. This is a definite step towards meeting work deadlines.

This is the final holiday post, after this you will just have to listen (do you listen to blogs? That's a silly question) to me wittering on about my very exciting life (highlights this week include a broken computer and a possible hedge cutting disaster).

So on our lovely holiday we met a delightful young bar man named Reynaldo. He was about 18 and spoke very little English but insisted on making me very strong cocktails (the effects were even more disastrous than when I used wine as a vodka mixer). The conversation on the first night went like this:

Reynaldo: You nice couple. How many lovings you make?

Me: Ummmmm... what?

Reynaldo: Lovings. You make lots for long time?

S (looking proud): Well... I wouldn't say exceptionally long but...

Me (glaring at S): We have been together for five years.. is that what you mean?

Reynaldo: Yes. I go now. You go too. Make lots of babies tonight.

As you can see the bond was instant.

On the last night, we propped up the bar, getting wearier and wearier as Reynaldo made me his 'special cocktail' (not like that you filthy minded readers). Suddenly he did what can only be described as giant thrusting motions to S while pointing at my cocktail.

'This make her love you', he excitedly exclaimed.

S smiled politely. 'I best have another too then', he said. (Which in hindsight seems quite insulting towards me...)

'No no', replies Reynaldo, 'No more for you or you no can do boom boom.'

And we left.

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