Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My obsession continues to grow...

Last night I had a dream. A beautiful, beautiful dream.

I was in the TARDIS with the Doctor (in his Tennent form - YEEEEUM), Captain Jack and David Beckham.

Suddenly we realise that we are under Dalek attack.

Luckily I have a magic machine that allows me to knit a special wool that makes things invisible (obviously) so, quick as a flash, I knit the four of us large jumpers. Captain Jack (who has been hitting on me, it has to be said), says that his is too itchy. I say mine is way too hot and I insist we take them off. Unsure what to do next, David Beckham starts to panic.

So then I just make a massive pile of the wool and we hide behind it.

This doesn't work either as the Daleks just wheel themselves round the pile and see us.

At this point we are really despairing so I quickly knit some more and then shove the wool over the Daleks' eye stalks, making them blind. We all cheer and then walk calmly back to the TARDIS safely.

I suggest we celebrate and the others agree. We fly off and I question where we are going. They won't tell me.

Suddenly we land, we are at my house. They drop me off and thank me for my help. I am confused. What about the celebration, I ask.

They look awkwardly at each other, the Doctor replies,

'Well you're nice and all Liv but we're really more into different kinds of celebration.'

I suddenly notice that they are all holding hands. They wave and then disappear into the night sky.

I walk into my flat and watch a rerun of Only Fools and Horses.

I wake up.

Seriously, how low must my self esteem be to be rejected by three men in my own dream?

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