Wednesday, 28 September 2011

For my Steve

I'll apologise now.

This is a gushy lovey post.

I know, sick in the mouth time.

It is for Steve.

Steve is brilliant; he is intelligent and funny and handsome and kind. And he has embarked on something new. Last night he started a Foundation Degree in Business and Management on a part time basis and I cannot even explain to you how proud I am of him.

As I am sure you know, education is hard. It is time consuming and makes your brain ache. Taking on a two year degree programme in your spare time when working a 45 hour week = extremely hard.

It is not something I am sure I could do. It requires discipline, committment and enthusiasm. And, while I know that this means a few changes in our home life (namely the absence of both Tuesday and Thursday nights), I know that Steve is a bit of a hero for doing it.

It occured to me that, while Steve must be a pretty familiar character to you if you read this blog, there is a lot you don't know about him, including how we met, so I decided that I would treat you to our own little biog that was included on the back of our wedding order of the day:

Livy and Steve met at primary school.

He was in Year 3 and she was in Year 1.
Livy remembers him. Steve doesn't remember her.

One summer they met again, at a pub Livy worked at.

That night, England had just been knocked out of Euro 2004 so Steve was very drunk.
He doesn't remember this either.

They got along ok.
They flirted.
They texted.
They didn't go out.

One Christmas Livy came back from university and met Steve at the pub.
They shared a drink.
While at that pub Livy said she wanted to be more than friends.

Steve attempted to play it cool and nearly blew it.

That was six years, nine weeks and five days ago........

See? Schmaltz central. You can't say I didn't warn you!

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