Saturday, 21 April 2012

Things I have come to discover 5 months into my pregnancy

  • Socks are a challenge
  • Random strangers will come up to you and touch your stomach
  • 99% of the time you will resist the urge to punch them
  • Feeling your baby move = awesome
  • Seeing your stomach move when the baby moves = freaky deaky
  • A double HH bra cup will fit on a grown man's head
  • You will sort of forget what you looked like unpregnant
Me at 20 weeks, I'm now 23 weeks and a scary amount bigger...

  • You will miss wine. A lot
  • You and the baby will become a little team and you will talk to him constantly
  • You will get strange looks for this
  • When pram shopping, it will not be amusing when your husband pretends to use the model in Mothercare's handles as fighter jet controls
  • The recommended 100g per person of pasta is not enough
  • You will have nightmares about your baby being Stewie Griffin
  • It will become nigh on impossible to tend to your ladygarden. Turns out you can't bend that way in the shower

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{} said...

Ha! You won't believe what you're able to do when lying flat on your back in the shower.
I even painted my toenails in week 40 - being pregnant with twins. I may have squeezed them a little, though, getting some not amused kicks afterwards.