Wednesday, 18 July 2012

In which I feel like a hippo

I am ready for this baby.

Well, actually, that is a lie.

I am totally unprepared. Unprepared in every sense of the word. The cot is yet to be built, the teeny tiny baby clothes yet to be washed. And I am completely sure that Steve and I have no idea what is about to hit us.

But still I am ready for this baby.

I decided this two evenings ago when I was attempted to haul my huge self from the sofa,

'I feel like a huge, fat hippo', I wailed.

Steve looked at me, with a face that was full of admiration and pity (don't ask me how he combined these two emotions in one expression but I found it v v impressive), he sighed,

'Oh my baby, you look gorgeous, glowing and not at all like a hippo. A baby hippo maybe but definitely not an adult one.'

A shot of my baby hippo self from my recent maternity shoot with the wonderful Slice of Pie Designs (have you visited their website? They are awesome!)

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