Tuesday, 11 September 2012

And I gave birth to his child a fortnight ago...

This morning I came downstairs after a lovely baby free lie in after a hideous baby full night.

Steve and Rex were on the sofa. MTV was on loud and Steve was making Rex dance to Girls Aloud.

"We are having a party!" Steve shouted.

He had that slightly manic look of someone who had been alone with a newborn for a good few hours with no-one to talk to.

I gave him a kiss.

"Thanks for the lie in Mr, I feel soooo much better."

"No problem," Steve replied, "Did you know that you aren't allowed to say 'drunk sex' in a song? That song by the red lipstick girl was on, the how we do one."

"Rita Ora?" I interjected.

"Yep, anyway, it was on and she was allowed to say 'drunk' and 'sex' but not together, evidently 'drunk sex' it just too naughty."

"How bizarre", I observed.

"I know right, especially for you, I mean, isn't that what you specialised in at uni?"

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