Monday, 24 September 2012

And we muddle through...

One of the must have baby things we have discovered are muslin cloths. They are basically squares of material that we use for just about everything Rex related - wiping up sick, draping over our shoulders to catch sick, putting under his head to stop sick getting on surfaces.

Did I mention that Rex likes to be sick?

Good job he is super cute.

Anyway, before he was born we had only three of these miracle cloths, within three days of being home (and approximately 11 washes), we realised we needed more.

So off Steve went to Tesco, the hub of cheap baby products, there, he searched the aisles.

The muslin cloths were nowhere to be found, not in the baby aisle, not in the clothing section, no, so he approached a helpful Tesco employee...

Steve: Excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me where you keep your muslins?

Tesco man: Ummm... I'm sorry sir?

Steve: I am looking for your muslins, where do you keep them?

Tesco man: Well we don't 'keep' them to start with and I can't really tell you anymore, you may need to speak to a manager about your enquiry and why you need to know.

Steve (getting exasperated now): What? Why? All I want is to buy some muslin cloths for our new baby!

Tesco man: Ohhhhh! Muslin cloths! Sorry, I thought you said Muslims! The muslin cloths are with the home furnishings, third aisle on the left.

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