Sunday, 23 June 2013

A happy home

Steve had just got Rex out of the bath.

Steve: You really are the cleverest baby in the world Roo. So smart. Well... actually, I am going to be honest, there are probably other babies who are just as clever out there, maybe some who are actually more clever. But that is ok! Because you have the looks too; we wouldn't want you to be a Sheldon Cooper would we? No, you are like Leonard.

I interject from the other room.

Me: Leonard is hardly gorgeous.

Steve: Fair point, but he gets Penny.

Me: (Still shouting from the next room) Because she moves across the hall.

Steve: True... but sometimes that is what it is all about Rexy, proximity. If Cheryl Cole had moved across the hall from me then she would probably be your mummy.

Me: Errrrrr....

Steve: Of course, silly Daddy she wouldn't be your mummy, your mummy will always be Mummy!

He pauses.

Steve: Cheryl Cole would be your step-mummy.

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