Saturday, 22 June 2013

It had been a long day

Me: Steve, did you order my butterflies?

Steve: Butterflies? No.

Livy: Why?!

Steve: I've not had any time.

Me: But it only takes two minutes with any recognised debit or credit card, the woman on the infomercial said.

Steve: Why do you even want butterflies?

Me: Ummm, duh! Because it is super cool. You get them as caterpillars and then they grow, turn into chrysalises... chrysali... and then butterflies and then they fly away!It is totally awesome.

Steve: Let me rephrase that, I do not want butterflies.

Me: You do! And you would benefit from them; they are very beneficial.

Steve: How?

Me: Well they are very educational. And they are pretty to look at. And you can eat their honey.

Steve: That is bees.

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