Monday, 18 May 2009

And so we debate...

One of my favourite things to do is debate. S also likes this but is wary due to my inability to see other people's point of view. Occasionally he relents, here's a sampling from the past week:

Grandparent visitation rights - S says no, I say no.

Arms-bearing should become a constitutional right? - S says no, I say no.

Is reproduction a human right? - S is undecided, I say no.

Religion in general should be banned - S says yes, I say no.

We had no right to go into Iraq - S says we did, I say we didn't.

Viability of life/human status of fetus - Hmm, lets just say that it ended with me refusing to eat the dinner S cooked me.

Legalisation of marijuana - S says yes, I say no.

Hall of Fame status for steroids-users - S says no, I say, seriously, are there people who actually care about this?

Your thoughts?

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