Thursday, 7 May 2009

I quit the internet, cold turkey

It was not good.

The first day: I read a book in the evening. Yes, an entire one. Usually I keep my email open and toggle back and forth while I write. Today, I open a book and prop it up. I "toggle" with my eyes - write a few paragraphs, read a few pages, write a few paragraphs, read a few pages. Four hours later, I have another book to log in my Goodreads.

The second day: Instead of flipping open the laptop, I turn on the morning news while I eat my kiwi and chocolate buttons breakfast. I feel furtive, almost guilty, trying to stay updated on world happenings while shunning the Internet - as if I'm somehow having my cake and eating it too.

The third day: Going crazy because I don't know Kid Rock's real name. Also, I swear I saw a bearded squirrel.

The fourth day: I manage to watch the rerun of a 2-hour Super Sweet Sixteen marathon, make dinner, bake a cake and homemade stew for tomorrow, go food shopping, clean the flat, and model for S the new clothes Bravissimo has delivered.

The fifth day: I begin to horribilise, imagining my political enemies sabotaging my Facebook.

The sixth day: Here I am.

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