Monday, 11 May 2009

A Wish

A glimpse into the intricate and deeply philosophical inner workings of Livy and S . . .

The other morning, S is showering while I am applying makeup. He asks me what I would wish for, if I had three wishes.

I tell him it will take me some time, and proceed to think out loud for the next ten minutes before coming up with my list.

My wishes:
1. That my parents live comfortably and happily for a long time without ever working again unless they want to.
2. That all the rapists in the world be gathered onto a deserted island with no hope of getting off (this is my attempt at world peace: I can't wish for all the evil people to stop being evil, because lets face it, that is unrealistic. I figure chucking out the rapists will make a serious difference).
3. That S and I and everyone we love be safe, healthy and happy. Forever.
(Before I came up with this one, I wanted to be able to see my Grandpa and my Grandma again. S told me the wish leprechaun didn't have the capability to cross the boundary of death. Prior to that statement, I was not aware we were getting our wishes from a leprechaun, so I was made to retracte that wish.)

And S's wishes (contrived in a matter of seconds, the man knows what he wants):
1. To have all of Superman's powers (this is his attempt at world peace. He says he could easily and singlehandedly take care of all world conflict if he were Superman).
2. To have all of Superman's powers and not be vulnerable to Kryptonite (I try to tell him there's no such thing as Kryptonite; he replies that "there's no such thing as Superman either", and what can I say in the face of such logic?).
3. To have a billion pounds (which he will then use to get everyone out of debt, and probably have a little left over, at least enough to play football - a LOT).

What would YOU wish for?

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