Friday, 14 August 2009


On the downside, I had to quit one of my favourite websites today.

On the plus side? I randomly remembered how my friends and I used to say LYMI (love you mean it) to each other. LYMI!

On the downside, I am super, super tired.

On the plus side? Tomorrow is Saturday and I can sleep in!

On the downside, I have lots of silly, busy work to do.

On the plus side? I've had chicken goujons for dinner TWICE this week.

On the downside, autumn is coming. I will have to start getting out my jumpers.

On the plus side? Autumn is coming! This means the fair, Halloween, Bonfire Night and nearly Christmas!

On the downside, I cut all my long nails off for no reason.

On the plus side? Now I can paint them bright colours without it looking like I have scary talons!

On the downside, there is bugger all on TV tonight.

On the plus side? S is taking me out to dinner at a yummy restaurant instead. I'm having the carbonara.

On the downside, yesterday was hard.

On the plus side? Yesterday is over.

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