Tuesday, 11 August 2009



I am feeling unusually cheerful today, it may have something to do with it being nearly home time... perhaps. Although when I get home I do have to finish tidying out my spare room which I foolishly began last night, honestly, S and I have three large plastic boxes full of wires. Literally. Where have they come from? Do we need these wires? Who knows! I also found 6 copies of the Guinness Book of Records, parts of an extra large hula hoop and a pregnant Barbie doll.

Casa di Livy = Full of crap.

I thought I'd do a brief recap of the weekend. We both had Friday off and went home to la casa di mis madres to cut the MASSIVE hedges. They were heeeeouge. And unfortunately very full of brambles and holly. In the process of this we broke two separate hedge cutters, fixed one and then found the other wasn't broken to start with. We were rewarded for our seven hours of gardening with both cheese and chocolate fondue AND champagne.

Unfortunately, due to the champagne I decided to confuse the two fondues and foolishly dipped a marshmallow into the cheese. Disturbingly, it was quite nice. What is up with that?

The rest of the weekend, using the excuse that seven hours of hedge cutting is the equivalent of running a marathon, I ate LOTS. Here is a summary:

  • Tomato soup with lots of white bread, buttered on both side - how decadent?
  • BBQ (comprising of coleslaw, chicken, cheesey nachos, minuscule piece of lettuce, bread roll, potato salad and around 497 sausages)
  • Chips
  • Noodles with cheese
  • More bread
  • Pasta with peas, bacon and double cream
  • Garlic bread
  • Toffee Crisp
  • Exactly three wine gums (strawberry, orange and lime - three fruit portions right there)

I was going to be good again and eat super healthily again but now they have started doing chips in the canteen at work and unfortunately some chicken goujons need eating tonight.

I may be 40 stone when you next see me but you'll still love me right? Right....?

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