Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The differences between us

S is a lot taller than me. An entire foot in fact. He is also stronger than me. This means that when S accidentally hits me (not in a wife beater way... more in an accidental nudge with his elbow or a bag or his foot you know? Clumsy boy things) it REALLY hurts!

Usually S claims that it can't have hurt at all and then proceeds to call me a wuss.

The other day the tables were turned when I accidentally pinched his arm. He transformed into a complete baby and moaned for ages. I pointed out that ten minutes previously he had accidentally hit my head with a chair (he was lifting it over the table, he didn't just do it for the sake of it, I don't think....) and that, by anyone's standards a head is much more important than an arm.

He disagreed and, like a petulant child, argued that, 'It depends on what job you do.'

'What job can you do without a head?' I enquired.

There was a massive pause where I swear I could see the cogs in his head whirring. Then suddenly, triumphant,

'A headless horseman.'

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