Thursday, 17 September 2009

A summary

OK, firstly apologies sweet readers. I have been absent for far too long, in my defense I have been away. I was going to tell you before I went but I was worried that the more shady members of you may burgle my flat.

So how to sum up what you have missed... I think I will employ the ever popular bullet point method:
  • I went to see my Nana in Wales, this was awesome for many reasons, firstly she made me lamb chops and REAL gravy, secondly my pseudo Welsh accent got to immense proportions, we're talking full on Gavin and Stacy - completely epic, I even said, 'Where to she be?'. Thirdly we visited Cardiff Bay where they film Torchwood and Doctor Who (and have other cool stuff, we're not total losers...) and discovered an entire wall covered in flowers and letters, all in memory of Ianto Jones... yes, a freaking character from a TV show. Honestly, it was quite sad, people had written from all over the world, saying how beautiful his and Jack's love was and other slightly crazy stuff. The Council had even put a disclaimer notice up, informing people that Ianto is not a real person that was killed by aliens.
  • I got a fake tan, I figured it would be done in one of those little booths a la Friends, but no. It was done by a woman, a real life woman. I had to stand there in only a black paper thong while she sprayed me and asked if I wanted her to make my thighs look slimmer. Also she was a skank. She had massive fake nails and told me I should lower the knickers so 'the lines wouldn't show over my jeans'. Now I don't know how low she has her jeans but put it this way, any lower and you would have been able to see my tuppence....
  • We demolished a shed at S's Dad's house. I say we... I was in more of an advisory and drinking role.

And the most exciting news of all..... we have moved offices at work and....... I HAVE A WINDOW!

Tootles x

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