Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I am well known for being blonde. Despite having a three A Levels and a 2.1 degree in Linguistics I routinely produce incredibly stupid remakes and even stupider actions.

This one seems to take the biscuit:

Last week S and I had a roast chicken. I decided to keep the bones and make a homemade chicken stock a la the domestic goddess I strive to be.

So I did, I painstakingly chopped various vegetables and then boiled them up with the chicken bones, I carefully seasoned with salt and pepper then with rosemary, parsley and thyme. I lovingly skimmed the mixture then left it to simmer, checking every 15 minutes or so, reskimming it every half hour.
Finally, after four hours, it was ready, it was clear in colour with a slight amber tint, just like Jamie Oliver said it would be.

I carefully carried the pan to the side, got out my sieve and drained the mix. Down the sink.

Dumbfounded I stared at my sieve full of bones and soggy vegetables, blinking back the tears while my delicious stock happily made its way through the drain.

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