Thursday, 14 April 2011

New York - Central Park on Sunday

Sunday we woke, not too jet lagged and decided it was time to explore. It was glorious sunshine so we decided to walk up towards Central Park. Now, as many of you will know, New York roads (in the North of the city anyway, are fairly easy, simply numbered, vertically starting with First Avenue on the east of the island and ending with Twelfth (I believe), granted there is no Fourth Avenue, instead Lexington, Park an Madison but so far so good. Horizontally they are also number, with 192nd Street up in Harlem, heading down to 1st Street down in Greenwich Village (south from there it gets complex...), now, this is so bloody simple, we got cocky, I mean we can count yep? And all we need to do is go directly north from our hotel on W46th to hit the west side of the park. Unfortunately we started our journey on Times Square so instead of going straight up Seventh, we accidentally chose Broadway; the only road in Manhattan that goes diagonally....

Manhattan from Central Park
 Walking up through the city and towards the park was magical, something I will never really forget; I was in New York City, with my husband, on our honeymoon, it was bright, bright sunshine and, as it was fairly early (around 9.30am) we had this lovely experience of the city starting to walk up on a lazy spring Sunday, people were walking dogs, going for runs, picking up papers.

We passed the Lincoln Centre before putting our names down for brunch at SaraBeth's, totally like in SATC - all egg white omelettes with sides of sausage and marmalade, it was gorgeous plus I had champagne - always a bonus for a Sunday morning! We walked across to the Museum of Natural History which was cool, Steve especially liked the Blue Whale and then walked back through the park, seeing the lake, sitting on rocks and just enjoying the sunshine.

That bear was BIG....
We saw Strawberry Fields where a couple were getting married - just surrounded by tourists and runners and cyclists, we stayed and watched, I cried and Steve got bored. Oh and girls, her bouquet - AMAZE! No flowers, just jewels and buttons and beads, it made me want to get married again, if only for that bouquet.

The Imagine circle where the couple got married

We headed back down 5th Avenue and saw all the big designers, popped into a book shop and bought a much needed restaurant guide (after three arguments over where the hell to go out to eat that night).

Messing about in the bookshop, turns out Steve would not like ten of me

And I can!
After chilling out at the hotel for an hour or so we headed to the hotel bar for a (very overpriced) drink - $27 (about £18) for a cocktail and a beer. Then we headed out, staying local, to the restaurant at the Muse Hotel where the food was good but the toilets were better - OMG, all unisex, seven cubicles all with a different theme, so the Envy one was all green, the Desire - all red and covered in hearts and my favourite, the Vain one, just mirrors, floor, ceiling, walls; fabulous but slightly disconcerting when you are trying to pee....*

We headed back to the hotel for another overpriced drink - hey we were on honeymoon - and then to bed.

* please note, I didn't actually need to go to the loo that much but insisted on peaking into each cubicle to see what they were like.

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