Monday, 18 April 2011

That GCSE obviously worked

I got an A in my Geography GCSE and now I know that it wasn't totally useless for it turns out I totally rock at this game

Play it, you must, I command you.

Basically, you need to land your plane at the named city within five seconds. A few were fairly easy - Manchester = big tick! But it seems that even when I have no clue where somewhere is (Graz? Never heard of it, that's bad isn't it?), I can still locate it within about 30 miles.

Maybe I should become a pilot....

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Katie said...

Livy, this made me laugh out loud! Because my fiance's family are from Graz, in Austria! Of all the places for you to mention!

Have you ever played Geo-Challenge on Facebook? That's horrendously addictive! In fact, I wish I hadn't mentioned it as now that's my evening gone......... x