Friday, 1 April 2011


At Top of the Rock, on the first night in NY, about two hours after landing

Hello my dears, I am back!
We landed at Heathrow about five hours ago and have just walked through our front door... oh, why don't I live in our wonderful fountain view room at the Bellagio? Why? (Yes, Mahj - the buffet was out of this world, OMG, there are no words).

Being scared by the size of the bear at the Museum of Natural History

We had the most amazing time, New York was just phenomenal, when we left I honestly didn't think it could get better, and then we hit Vegas. I just can't describe how much I loved it and am trying to persuade Steve and multiple friends to go back for Steve's 30th next July (do you want to come? I would love you to. It will be fabulous).

My super old and battered Manhatten shoes that I bought in 2003 and have waited to wear in the Big Apple ever since
With my donut in Grand Central - a big family tradition started by my Grandpa, so excited that I have now done it too!
The footlong at the Knicks game

I will do a full honeymoon post with photos next week (cleverly I came back just in time for Mother's Day so I am hitting the ground running) but for now, as I am approaching the 25 hours without sleep mark (including a frantic run through Minneapolis airport to get our connecting flight), I will just leave you with a few pictures, dotted throughout this post, and this fun American fact list:
  • Americans are OBSESSED with the royal wedding, every morning ABC and CNN had a half hour report on updates that had happened in the UK over night, complete with a reporter outside Buckingham Palace
  • They have the show 'Hole in the Wall' just like us, except it is a kid's show. And a weak one at that.
  • The Grand Canyon is amazing, just insanely amazing and brilliant. Just you wait to see the photos.
  • I love the show Man v. Food. It was my 7pm-getting-ready-to-go-out-show.
  • You can wear anything in Vegas. Anything. And no-one will judge.
  • American airport security guards do not react well to greasy hair remarks.
  • Cirque du Soleil is just breathtaking.
  • Steve will get a tad pissed off when he isn't able to buy beer at a Knicks game as he has no ID with him.
  • He will be even more pissed when I tease and refuse to buy him any, instead making slurpy noises as I sip my ice cold Bud.
  • If you eat like Americans for 12 days, you will gain five pounds. Yep, in 12 days. The detox starts on Monday!

With Lady Liberty

Outside our hotel, the Bellagio, our room is about four windows up, just on the right hand side of the centre

In the helicopter, on the way to the Grand Canyon

On our boat, through the Grand Canyon - there are no words

Oh and the Chanello? Guess who charged Chanel sunglasses to her credit card over there? I knew I should have left it at home... x


Mahj said...

Woohooo, Bellagio Buffet right?! Nuff said!
You have made me so holiday sick for America. My man has never been so I look forward to "dragging" him there!

Looks like you had an amazing time, happy honeymoon indeed. Oh and love love love the shoes and Channello? Hello gorgeous!!


Slice of Pie said...

Welcome Home! Can't wait to hear all about it in even more detail! My inbox has been so empty and sad without wedding talk it can now get full of honeymoon talk!