Saturday, 19 March 2011

A sleepy Livy says...

So, as you can probably tell from the hour, we are at the start of our honeymoon.

Currently I am sitting in heathrow terminal 4, waiting for check in to open. In two hours. Yes, you see in our very eager state we decided to get in our lovely executive taxi at midnight, knowing full well that the journey to heathrow can often take around five hours. Except we forgot to consider one thing... We were leaving at midnight and not at 8am on a Monday morning. Yep, our journey took us exactly three hours and 11 minutes, making us approximately two and a half hours early for check in and nearly six and a half hours early for our actual flight.

No problem, I thought as we pulled up, this is heathrow, they'll be loads to entertain us. And there would be, if anything was open. As it is, there is one cafe Nero open and that is it. And there are only so many pain au chocolat a girl can eat.

So here I sit, surrounded by fellow early birds and a slightly snoring steve who, despite his 6'4" frame, has managed to fall asleep in a single partitioned chair, his biggest worry being if they have the new body scnanners that will allow the guards to 'see his jewels'. He is also sulking with me after I said we would only know if they laughed when we went through.

Ah, marriage hasn't changed us.

So, wish us luck, I will try and up date when we are out ther but I may just be busy being too darn fabulous.

Lots of love xxxx

ps to cocktail or not cocktail on my flight, that is the question x

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