Monday, 7 March 2011

OP, here we are....

You will get a full, twice weekly wedding write up as soon as I am back from the honeymoon I promise (early April). This will be a big, in detail thing, but not focusing on suppliers and how tos, more on feelings, what worked, what was worth the worry and what wasn't.

Granted, I know you all like the purty pictures (and there will be many, as well as some very tipsy, dancing pictures) but, the things that I most appreciated when planning were all of the extras, the real advice on detail as well as the real feelings involved. Plus, I am a stickler for all the little funny, under the radar moments that happen.

However, as I am hopefully submitting the best day ever to a certain, fabulous wedding blog, you are limited to only a couple of sneak peak pictures.


Courtesy of the lovely Slice of Pie

And just for the lovely Peridot, no plaits but some delicious side pleats!


Slice of Pie said...

I feel I should do a bridesmaid commentary! Thank you for the link sweetie! x x

Peridot said...

You look AMAZING - and what a lovely picture of you and OPman. Can't wait to read all about it on the mystery blog...


Mahj said...

Eeeeep - this is so weird. I know Laura from Slice of Pie and she took your wedding photos and your a famous blog queen!!! Eeeeeps again! xoxo

Livy said...

Even better Mahj - she was my bridesmaid! She and the lovely Mark did some very sweet unofficial ones as I didn't want them working all day long but Laura did do all my stationery which was amazing, everyone commented how fab it was!

And blog queen - you are making me blush, more of a blog peasant!

Hope your big day plans are going well, I love reading about them on RMW!