Friday, 11 March 2011


So yes, in eight days we off on honeymoon, New York and Las Vegas here we come! And I have not even starting looking at what to do and where to go there! Not one bit.

Obviously there are things we want to do - Top of the Rock, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Bellagio Fountain, Grand Canyon, Old Vegas etc... but does anyone have any tips of the complete unmissables? You know, the hidden secrets? We are treating this as a 'Once in a Lifetime' trip so I don't want to get back and then go, 'Oh, we should have done XXXXX'.

And then there is the big thing I need - restaurant and bar tips! Steve and I love eating out, really love it. We like going for drinks. But we are both very indecisive on these things, we have been known to wander round many a city, browsing menus outside eateries, unable to pick one to go to.

So this is where you step in, can anyone recommend some lovely places to eat and drink in New York (and Vegas, although I'm less worried about there)? We will hopefully be doing a mix of price ranges, from the all out one night to fun pizza bar the next. And don't forget the cocktails!

Any tips or definites would be a massive help!

Loves xxxxx


Hannah Kent said...

In Vegas, for food:

- Bouchon (for breakfast)
- Craftsteak
- Lavo (Italian)
- Du Par's (for pancakes, downtown)
- Jean Phillippe Patisserie (for cake)

For drinks:

- Mix Lounge (you can't beat the view)
- Chandelier Bar (just pretty!)

Have a gorgeous time :)

Hannah Kent said...

PS) You'll find useful for great foodie finds :)

Katie said...

Hey Livy,

New York is my absolute favourite place in the world!

The two places I'd recommend for food are Ellen's Stardust Diner:

The food is nice but it's more the experience. The waiters/waitresses all perform throughout the night and it's known as a place where actors who end up on Broadway get spotted in the first place so they're pretty amazing!

Then there's this diner for breakfasts... It's right by Grand Central Station and the breakfasts are amazing! Pancakes, waffles, cwwoffee!

Hope that helps!
Katie x x

Anonymous said...

We too honeymooned in Vegas! I was amazing.
It was less than a month ago and I am desperate to go back :o(
All I would say is go in all of the hotels. Its a long walk on the strip end to end but its worth it.
Definitely make the trip to the stratasphere for the Highlight of my holiday! Enjoy !!

Anonymous said...

the middle of my comment seems to have disapeared. Odd.

Helen said...

Check out this post on Holly's site for some inspiration on NY places to eat - It all sounds delicious. There are also some good recommendations in the comments too. Happy honeymoon!

Peridot said...

Have a wonderful time.


Mahj said...

Oooo, I hope I'm not to late with my foodie recommendations:

Brazillian BBQ place called Chauricusa or something. Its off Times Sq and is a.mazing

Katz Deli - the famous deli from When Harry Met Sally that do the BIGGEST and tastiest pastrami sandwiches. Fact

Las Vegas:

The buffet (my fave word) at The Bellagio. I have no words for how fantastic this was.

The Coyote Bar is somewhere like the Hard Rock Casino or New York New York, worth a laugh but much tamer than the film. But the rollercoaster at NY NY is all kinds of crazy fun. The ones at the statasphere were just frightening!

Have an amazing time, xoxo