Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I got me married

Hello, the new Mrs Parham is signing in!

Today I am mostly very, very tired and a tad teary that it is all over and that I have to go to work tomorrow! Seriously, nothing can prepare you for how rubbish the come down is and how fast the day will go, all I want to do is rewind to last week and then do it all again.

Even more so, I wish that I could experience more of the day, we were so busy trying to see everyone and chat that we missed so many little details like people's reactions when I walked in the room, people crying at the readings, vows and speeches, our dearest friends doing absolutely hilarious things. It would be great if you could go back and just watch from a corner - all your loved ones having the best time!

The best thing about the whole thing was, well, firstly getting married, becoming Steve's wife was by far the best part of my day, saying those vows and meaning those words just went beyond my expectations. Secondly, having everyone there; I got so so emotional having everyone I loved in that room with us and feeling the amount of love and support they were giving us. It is tearing me up right now thinking that all those people came there just for us and that, they will never be all in the same room again - very silly I know.

We simply had the best, most wonderful day.

Pictures coming as soon as I get them and, once I have explored the best way of doing it, I will hopefully do a full account, maybe on a twice a week post - probably a little dull for you lot but a great account for me to keep!



Helen said...

Nope, not silly at all - I was sad that all the lovely people who came to our wedding will never be in the one room again! I also wish that I could have the day again and get to watch it as a spectator, so I could see all the things I missed the first time around.

I'm very glad it went so well and am looking forward to seeing some pictures.

Lottie said...

I am so glad you had an amazing day, I knew you would.

And I know what you mean I just wish I could have taken more of my day in to. And it is a bit depressing afterwards, whenever I look at other wedings I am slightly jealous and yet emotional too. I think I am rather strange!

Can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos!


Peridot said...

Congratulations Mrs P! And Mr P too of course.

Can't wait to see the pics. Did plaits make it into the final look or not? I am on tenterhooks!