Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A catch up and a question

Hello chickadoodles,

How are you? I am very well and recovering from the double bank holiday weekend. Yep, still.

So lets get down to business ('to defeat the Hunns' - seriously, just me who loves Mulan?), I LOVED the Royal Wedding. It was awesome and I adored everything, the dresses, the guests, the hats, the Queen, the kisses, the carriages - totally worth the 7am start.

The thing I loved the absolute most though was the national excitement, it was wonderful to see all the excitement and I felt very proud to be British.

So what else has happened?

I got a fat lip (thanks to a combination of flipflops and a bottle of champagne), I sang American Pie with 15 other people in a teeny living room, I pondered the fish disappearances from my brother's tank (we really need to install a security camera in there...) and I watched a very drunk, very dear friend, make a total fool of himself in many many ways, so many I can't actually list them but I will share my favourite of him randomly dancing outside the kitchen door in our local pub, by himself, in front of many tables full of hungry family diners. It was like having a small child to monitor, only harder as he is much bigger, can run faster and knows all the swear words.

So now I'll be off to ponder what to have for tea - do I be good with the stir fry or do I get a Chinese (yummy and would solve my tuppaware shortage which would in turn mean I could make lots of healthy, freezable meals for the future?)....


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