Wednesday, 11 May 2011

This just in!

Steve, my husband of two and half news is starting a revolution against the news.

I believe this all started after the referendum last week. He took great offence at a certain newspaper's, lets call it the Faily Schmail, headline that 'Democracy Won'. This led to multiple rants on the definition of the terms 'democracy' and 'referendum'.

There have been odd displeasures all week until tonight, currently the BBC 10 o'clock news is on. It is 22.19 and he has not paused for breath for around 18 minutes. It started with a reporter standing outside Heathrow when 'he could be sat in the studio', it progressed to the lovely Huw detailing the economic situation in what appeared to Steve to be a biased way, then he ranted about them using the term 'coming up' as the news is meant to be non profit so they should therefore give the most important stories immediately and not try and keep us watching and finally, the last straw, the reporter with the whiney voice came on....

Oh wait, they just said that they were reporting from Akrotiri in Cyprus and suddenly,

'Hey, Liv! I was born there! Great huh?'

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